!! A Note from the Newscat! Please Read!

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!! A Note from the Newscat! Please Read!

Post by Caterwaul » Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:28 am

Hello everyone, welcome to Busou Shinki World's News board. I'm Caterwaul, the head newscat of BSW! I like to keep a fairly liberal hand on things, but lately some issues have cropped up that I believe need mentioning. Please keep some of the following things in mind.

1: We're mostly English fans who dont really know all that much Japanese. This often means we're stuck with hilariously inaccurate babelfish translations, so it's not surprising when we get things wrong. Feel free to post any corrections you think need to be made.

2: Please remember that your fellow BSW members are fans of the same thing you are, and that the tone of a post is often hard to interpret since you're missing vocal cues. If you feel someone is insulting you, report it rather than post an angry responce and it will be dealt with appropriately. We want everyone to feel welcome at BSW.

3: My PM mailbox is always open. If you want to discuss an issue you have, and dont want to do it publicly, feel free to send me a PM and I'll get back to you. I especially want to hear any criticisms of the place, as I'd like to make BSW more open to everyone.

4: It's hard to have a news board, when people dont post news! If you find something that hasnt been posted, feel free to create a new topic. That said, please make sure that a topic for it has not already been opened. To the denizens of Cbox...not everyone is on Cbox. If you find something new and post it on Cbox, please put it in news too, so everyone can see it.

5: We're light on actual reviews! :) If you get a new Shinki and want to show off what it can do, and why you like/hate it, this is the place for it.

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