Battle Rondo Player List (Reloaded!)

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Re: Battle Rondo Player List (Reloaded!)

Post by Jinxie » Mon May 25, 2009 12:04 pm

Okay, here goes. :3

Updated 7/2

ID: Jinxie

Fubuki: Chaste (B)
Maochao: Darleesian (EX)
Juvisy: Lilium (EX)
Zyrdarya: Tab (B)
Waffebunny: Kati (B)
Schmetterling: Natalya (B)
Dengeki Mao: Eesyopian (C)
Dengeki Hao: Kaydi (C)
YDA: бузок (C)
WF Eukrante: BLRUAD (C)
Tigris: ダスチィ (C)
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Re: Battle Rondo Player List (Reloaded!)

Post by NamelessChibi » Thu Jun 18, 2009 12:07 pm

ID: Ensee

Fubuki: Miharu
Asuka: Sumiko
Eukrante: Ciel
Strarf: Cosette
Arnval: Adelaide
Zelnogrard: Nkiruka
Grapprap: Phoros
WaffeDolphin: Delphina
Howling: Ylva
Benio: 典子
Ach: 駿子
Vitilus: Enid
Juvisy: ほのか
Maochao: Bastet
Werkstra: Jolie
Valona: Lilim
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Re: Battle Rondo Player List (Reloaded!)

Post by starburst98 » Sat Jul 11, 2009 2:01 am

brand new guy here, so
user: Danthorn

fubuki: Jeanne c class.

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Re: Battle Rondo Player List (Reloaded!)

Post by waerd » Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:37 am

This is just so you might recognize my girls as you are beating them up, since most of them don't seem to do that well. Guess I am just not a good trainer...

Vitulus: Vickie, Grade A
Eukrante: Robin, Grade A
Tigris: Felisity, Grade B
Benio: Thaien, Grade B
Ianiera: Celia, Grade B
Zrdarya: Flora, Grade C
Juvisy: Lilly, Grade C
Zelnogrard: Lea, Grade C
Fort Bragg: Sandy, Grade B
Fubuki: Natalie, Grade C
Xyphos: Joan, Grade C
Arnvel: Aimee, Grade C
Werkstra: Elizabeth, Grade C
Starf: Sami, Grade C
Tsugaru: Noelle, Grade C
(and others to join when I feel like bringing more online of course)
oh yeah, add my son's charge:
Howling: April, Grade C
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Re: Battle Rondo Player List (Reloaded!)

Post by Pyaamon » Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:22 am

Go easy on me if you find me!

User ID: Pyaamon
Grade: Bronze

Currently in use:

Arnval Type - Guinevere - Class C
Cat Type - Mau - Class C
Strarf Type (White) - Trinian - Class C
Ninja Type - Luna - Class C
Arnval Type (Black) - Zen - Class C
Succubus Type - Morgana - Class C
Commando Angel/ Fort Bragg Type - Jessie - Class C
Ninja Type - Horo
Trike Type (special) - Ash
Trike Type - Miriam
Dog Type - Frank

Updated 18/08/09
Updated 09/11/09
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Re: Battle Rondo Player List (Reloaded!)

Post by Drango » Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:55 am

Hello, just recently started playing, so not very good...

Owner name: Drango
Grade: Bronze

Active shinki:

Mio: Howling Class C
Yuki: Fubuki Class EX

edit: I used something on Yuki which re-charged her fully, but changed her to an EX class, and now I can't use her for certain missions... o.O
I've also just put an order in for an Anval figure, which I'll add once it's here.

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Re: Battle Rondo Player List (Reloaded!)

Post by unholy_gaurdian » Mon Aug 24, 2009 9:41 am

new shinki fan here, and so far I'm loving it^^

game name : Crowthor (a misspelling of my surname, based on how I once heard someone mispronounce it, sounded better in my opinion)

active shinki

Lola (waffe bunny) using the seed type's body

Fade (waffe dolphin) using the flower type's body

Rose (seed type) built out of whatever I had left, likely to seldom see battle and get dissembled alot (her next incarnation will reflect this :) )

as i'm new they are all c class, and im still bronze

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Re: Battle Rondo Player List (Reloaded!)

Post by Sonja » Fri Aug 28, 2009 8:06 am

Name: mintkashiro
Class: Silver

Shinki List:
Lira Valerie (Werkstra) Rank EX Level 150
Jezebel (Eukrante Repaint) Rank B
Amber Midori (Valona) Rank C
Chris (Fubuki) Rank C
Liliana (Ach dengeki hobby) Rank EX
Tsukasa (Yda) Rank C
Stellar (Schmetterling) Rank C
Lilith (Zelnograd Digital Repaint) Rank C

Oh boy. I can't stop with the girls.
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Re: Battle Rondo Player List (Reloaded!)

Post by xiand666 » Sun Dec 06, 2009 8:29 pm

Name: Xian D.
Class: Bronze

Just restarted my account after the longest time, lol. My girls have such a hard time winning (is it me or are there over-powered shinkis out there?) :sad: For now, please go easy on me... :P

Juvisy: Razzy, rank B
Zyrdarya: Coriandra, rank C
Vitulus: Mitzi V., rank C

I'm going to activate my other shinkis soon. ;)

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Re: Battle Rondo Player List (Reloaded!)

Post by yueXsukikage » Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:15 am

Ok here it goes.

Owner ID: yuesukikage13

Active Shinkis:

:eukrante: Nue

:fubuki: Rin
Follow the light of the heart. Ikimasu!

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