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Re: Just a small guide

Post by Zenislez » Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:27 pm

Just like OshareKeiji said, though I want to add something to make it clear.

Based on my experience, the pros and cons of the three missile type are:

Twin Missiles
+ High Power per missile
+ Good Tracking
+ Knock down the opponent so it is good for Long Range sniping or use the chance to rush her
- Big and easy to spot and dodge
- Launch angle makes tracking very close opponent (around 20 range) poor
- Due to knock down, not very efficient for combo
= Speed is so-so

Swarm Missiles
+ Large number of missiles
+ Usually if one hit, then the rest of them will hit
+ Don't knock down, it is a good choice for combo (usually with a launcher)
+ High damage potential
- Missiles have poor tracking
- Due to angle launch, perform very poorly against close opponent
- in cramped space or lots of obstacles, most of the time some, or even most will hit an object lowering damage potential
- Very easy to spot and dodge
= Speed is so-so

HM (High maneuver) missiles
+ Improved Tracking performance
+ High speed
+ Small and slim, very hard to spot and dodge
+ Don't knock down, it is a good choice for combo (usually with a launcher)
+ Low angle launch makes it capable of hitting on short range (around 20, just make sure not too close)
- Lower damage potential compared to twin or swarm
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