Dollfies? Or just anime dolls?...

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Re: Dollfies? Or just anime dolls?...

Post by Aurea Arleigh » Wed Sep 04, 2013 9:14 am

Moon Lightning wrote:(Lets see if this comment actually posts so others can read it. So far i've been posting and nada. Kinda lonely.)
Another option is to get a bjd. These are resin and string with elastic. I know a few companies that are of good quality and inexpensive. My first doll is a Sprite. She cost me $150ish. Other companies are Impldoll, Mirodoll, and Resinsoul to start off with. Fairyland makes amazing dolls but they will be a bit more expensive. Though they do pose amazingly. A good forum for bjds would be You could find a good doll second hand there. Though they have a post count rule to meet before you get access to the buy and sale forum. I hope that helps. I've been neck deep in the doll hobby for years. Lol
Fairyland are nice dolls. I like dolls bashing parts like SQ labs heads with azone 1/3 bodies or even the parabox mod bodies.

Dolls to avoid though are the lovely doll, unless you don't mind cheap wire inside breaking and having a silicone paperweight. They look very pretty but break easily, I think tokyodoll is the same too with their silicone doll being metal wire internal.

BJD wise like many will mention, you have to watch out for lots of fakes when it comes to resin. People trying to pass off recast items as genuine and even charge for genuine price. Sad world we live in when our dollies are in danger!

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