Arnval and Strarf MK 2 Repaints

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Re: Arnval and Strarf MK 2 Repaints

Post by shizen22 » Wed Mar 21, 2012 11:19 pm

star wrote:why not use thin wire at the ends of the glasses stems to wrap it around her head?
Attaching a thin wire to a small plastic stem...yeah, maybe you handy guys can do it but that's definitely out of my league (at least not without making it look really ugly with glue and/or tape :P).

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Re: Arnval and Strarf MK 2 Repaints

Post by Raiski » Thu Mar 22, 2012 5:07 am

star wrote:
Polenicus wrote:Actually, I had gotten a set of glasses (To replace Bright Feather's broken ones) and I found the biggest issue with glasses on Strarf/Ravina is there's nowhere for the stems to go. She has very thickly molded hair on either side of her head and no ears, so it doesn't really work. No matter how badass it looks.
why not use thin wire at the ends of the glasses stems to wrap it around her head?
I'd cut the stems leaving small stubs, then heat up the stubs and mold them and maybe mod the front hairpiece if necessary to fit each other. Maybe make small depression to the inside of the hairpiece to fit the stubs snuggly? Like those nendoroids that have glasses.

Also Homu's glasses aren't the only ones that you could use... Those also go very well with the new Fubuki's battle hairpiece, the sides keep the shades nicely in place. But it's really a tight fit, so you might get some slight scratches onto her face by doing that. A shame that I didn't take a pic of that since it looked really badass, I was so nervous while trying it out. :sad:

And not to go off topic Tempesta was shipped yesterday! Yay! And I got some money finally, so maybe I'll soon be able to get Ravina too! I really like Ravina's body design, it's so different from Strarf's (that cute little tie... :*) ). These two repaints really feel like they're completely different girls with different personalities from the originals for me. They should aim for that with the other repaints too, I think it would make them more unique and worth buying even if you already have the originals. What do you guys think?

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Re: Arnval and Strarf MK 2 Repaints

Post by PurdueAV2003 » Fri Mar 30, 2012 5:19 pm

I got around to doing a video review of my Lavina Full Arms Package.
SERIES 4: Coming in 2012

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