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Re: looking for news.

Post by poppie » Sat Jun 14, 2014 3:35 am

Alright I'm kind of okay saying that I've all but forgotten about Busou Shinki and just want to post a personal goodbye, or until further news. I bought the anime to support, talked to my friend and bought one for her as a gift, It's my favorite figure line, she's like "mmm okay?" :arnval:

But I'm moving on. The community is getting quiet and I refuse to be the last person waiting for new cool things til' even this forum sinks. Now my Busou Shinki are going to sit on my shelf for good. It's been a pleasant 3 years collecting these since 2011! So fun, and now It's kind of faded away into obscurity :eukrante:

Goodbye to the best figure line ever produced, I hope more great ideas are made in the future :strarf:

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Re: looking for news.

Post by Blank Page Opera » Tue Oct 07, 2014 3:03 pm

Just wondering, did it ever come out semi/officially what became of the Busou Shinki figure line?

It seemed like things were rolling along pretty steadily, maybe even on the side of too quickly. I was even thinking of getting off the train for new releases, with the two motorcycle girls being the last hopeful purchases and then just looking to collecting the older waves. There used to be the Wonderfes reports and magazine scans...but then its like it all hit a brick wall and nothing.

Sure, it looks like an opportunity was missed with the anime airing with a lack of figures. Was the anime meant to jumpstart the series to continue development, or maybe to just redirect the franchise to other merchandise away from the articulated figures?

While I do admit some of the girls can be a bit fiddly, the design put into them was generally really nice or awesome. Plus it seemed like they really shone with customizations, as seen from the members here. Even today, as far as articulated figures go we still have figma, Revoltech, SH Figuarts too I suppose, and the new Armor Girls. Not counting Nendoroid. Personally, Shinkis can still hang with those. The body mould though is where the others are better defined vs the flexibility/customization of the Shinkis. I would have thought the Busou Shinki platform would have been good for licensing out to the Infinite Stratos girls or even the Kantai Collection Fleet. But, the faithful depiction of the body/clothes in the figures are most likely pretty important to collectors. Just look at what Altrene and Altines can look like from the Grizzly Panda sculpts. Perhaps it is just too costly to rework or update the line?

Kinda sad, but as long as the Busou Shinki franchise can stay around who knows what may come out in the future.

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Re: looking for news.

Post by Klinkin » Tue Oct 07, 2014 5:40 pm

As of now, Konami has given us nothing but silence. I'm personally of the opinion that the most likely case is Konami killed the line and just didn't announce it for office-political reasons.

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