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Busou Shinki Battle Masters Menu's questions

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 11:44 pm
by Mad_Dog7
I have a few questions i would like to ask about the BM menus and other various parts of the game. Since i can't read Japanese it's very confusing sometimes to know what's what. I e-mailed arctic Kitsune and she answered a few of the questions, but some she didn't know the answer to and i need some others to be clarified more. P.S. I hate doing thing by trial and error. last time i did this I erred and broke by DS out of frustration.

1. At the Shinki Store there is a training menu that allows you to learn the different moves and abilities used in the game, (dash, glide, defensive and offensive maneuvers and such). I can do some of them but several i don't have a clue what it's telling me to do and thus i fail the training. I was hoping you could go through this menu and TL what the list is. Or at least tell me what each one is asking me to do. (or both is possible)

2. I'm not sure I understand the "Rail Action." I know it's something of making your own custom moves or something like that but i need some more details about it. Like how to make one and what kind of moves you can make. Offensive and defensive? Or a combo of both?

3. Ride Ratio. I know this has to do with the new "sync system" that the game is about, but how does the sync ratio effect your game play? the more you have the faster and more responsive your Shinki is? and vis versa?

4. Here is the biggest one. When i try doing "Attack Chains" it always fails. When i try to switch to another weapon mid attack nothing happens and i get pummeled in return. Am I doing something wrong?

5. I'm the type of battler who likes to attack, attack, attack and not let up on my enemy for a second but likes to have one strong defensive maneuver/move in reserve just in case. Do you know of any good battling maneuvers and weapons/shields that fit my battling style? Especially with Arnval? arctic Kitsune gave me a few pointers but since she says this isn't her battling style that she had no real experience or big recommendations besides a short blade and shields with a pummel and gun in them. P.S. Though i like strong bladed weapons for close combat I really like to unleash strong projectile weaponry up close to reduce the chance of a dodge by the opponent.

6. When am I able to buy Arnval's long hair accessory since I've just started the game? After watching the anime mine just doesn't look right without long hair. :arnval:

7. I'm wanting to make a Busou Shinki fanfiction one day after learning more about Shinkis. Would you all be interested in reading it if i posted here or on

Re: Busou Shinki Battle Masters Menu's questions

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:54 am
by Zenislez
Okay, I think I can answer most if not all. And sorry if some answer is based on links rather than typed.

1. Here is the list of the tutorial from Oshare Keiji

1.) Explanation Of Match Types (Single, Tag, 3-on-1)

2.) Explanation Of Screen Icons (Timer, LP Gauge, SP Gauge, Ride Ratio, Enemy Detector, Armaments)

3.) Test: Move in 8 Directions using D-Pad.

4.) Test: Perform a Double Jump (X two times) then float. (Hold X)

5.) Test: Lock on to an opponent. (L Button)

6.) Test: Toggle Lock on between two opponents (L two times)

7.) Test: Battle Basics. Defeat your opponent. (You are unarmed for X and Triangle, but you have a Hellgate Blaster Machine Gun on Circle)

8.) Test: Quickstep in 8 Directions by pressing D-Pad twice on each direction.

9.) Test: Dash 3 times. (Any direction)

10) Test: Perform an Attack Chain. The best way to do this is to tap Square, press R while you're shooting, then follow up quickly with Circle or Triangle (Aero Vajra or PicoPico Hammer)

11.) Test: Guarding. Hold R and wait for the opponent to attack you 3 times.

12.) Test: Just Guard. Wait for the enemy to shoot, then guard at the exact second that it's about to hit you. Timing is everything.

13.) Test: Turning. Press Square and X together 3 times.

14.) Test: Knockdown Recovery 1. Press X and any directional key.

15) Test: Knockdown Recovery 2. Press Square, Circle or Triangle.

16) Test: Vertical Dashing: Press Up, R and X simultaneously to go up, and Down R and X together to go down. You have to do three sets of both in rapid succession with no gaps between up and down.

17.) Test: Ride Ratio 1: Attack the enemy until your Ride Ratio maxes out.

18.) Test: Taunting: Press R and Triangle simultaneously 3 times.

19) Test: Rail Action. Perform all 4 of the pre-programmed Rail Actions. (Up/Down/Left/Right + Triangle and Circle simultaneously) Attack your opponent so your SP gauge recovers quicker.

2. Quoting from Oshare Keiji "Rail Action is a programmable Evasion/Attack pattern for your Shinki. These actions use SP and up to four can be equipped (second option in the main equip menu) Evasive actions are known as Routes, which makes the Shinki move out of your opponent's aim and perform directional maneuvers at twice it's normal specs. Attack actions are weapon specific, also messes with lock-on, and gun-based ones do not use up ammo. they cannot be performed if you do not have the correct weapon type."
So Rail Action is already programmed and you can't edit it. There are three types of RA (in here, most people just call them RA then Rail Action). Move (Evasion or repositioning), Atk (attack RA specific to a weapon) and Ultimate (special attack specific to each shinki). For Move and Atk, you need to get it by facing an opponent that have that move. Your shinki will randomly memorize and learn it. Ultimate however is different. You need to finish all her event and use specific parts to use it.

3. It depends on the shinki. Some double her speed, while some double her attack. One characteristic that all have is, when Ride max (100%) All SP cost is cut to half.
Here is the list of shinkis and what they doubled
Arnval Mk2 ++ Speed, Defence, Weapons Reload
Strarf Mk2 ++ Attack, Weapons Reload, Guard Break Damage
Howling ++ Defence, Speed, Guard Break Damage
Maochao ++ Attack, Weapons Reload, Speed
Zelnogrard ++ Attack, Weapons Reload, Guard Break Damage
Fubuki ++ Attack, Speed, Guard Break Damage
Ach ++ Speed, Attack, Guard Break Damage
Yda ++ Defence, Speed, Weapons Reload
Altlene ++ Attack, Defence, Guard Break Damage <-----She is my favourite and basically, a walking/flying fortress.
Altines ++ Defence, Weapons Reload, Speed

4. Attack Chain: Press R in the middle of using a weapon and press another weapon button for a quick switch. Hope someone else can find a better solution.

5. If you like that kind of attack my recommendation is either dual dagger, gloves and one handed sword for melee (because of their speed) and handgun or machine gun (for speed and also a good to increase ride bar) and shotgun (for justice shot, where at point blank will do MASSIVE damage. But a bit slow).
Shield in this game won't block attack. They will only give resistance to some attack element and give some skill for your shinki.
If you want a shinki that is BOTH fast and strong, and with Speed to outmaneuver and decent defence, look no further than Ach. She is perfect for your style of playing.

6. You need to buy her head gear. ヘッドセンサーユニコーン. It is the only head gear where she will keep her long hair. Other shinki also suffer this where they suddenly lose their long hair in other headgear except for their respective head gear.....with the exception of Altlene who kept her long hair in almost every head gear available.

7. Sure, why not :cheesygrin:

Re: Busou Shinki Battle Masters Menu's questions

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:09 am
by Mad_Dog7
1. Thank you so much for this TL and "what it's asking me to do" list. I should be able to do a lot of the training moves now. I just hope that darn Chain attack maneuvering will work.

2. So they're already pre-programmed and you can't make new ones? well that's a let down. I was told you can make/customize them. And each one is specific to a certain weapon. So a knife/short blade will have a different set of moves than a sword and gun (i know that sounds obvious but i wasn't sure of this maneuver). However the catch is, is that your Shinki much "learn" this move from another Shinki? how exactly does that work if they're already pre-programmed? Say a certain Shinki has a weapon that you're using too and she uses a rail action on you. Your Shinki will learn it after a few times and then you're able to use that same RA? Am I getting that right?

3. OK so it has different effects for different Shinki. Ok i get it now.

4. I pray that this one will work eventually.

5. dual dagger sounds like a good option. And i think I'll keep the Machine gun. I love rapid fire weapons. But this Shotgun, is it the same as Arnal's Lazer canon, or is it just that, a Shotgun? and Man but i like Arnval the most. I wanted to use her more. Is there a way i can equip her to have the abilities i prefer or must i use the red motorcycle Shinki? :ach:

6. guess i have no other choice but to buy ヘッドセンサーユニコーン then.

7. yeah. it maybe a long while before i ever start it though. I need to learn a lot about Busou Shinki 1st since I'm still new at it.

Re: Busou Shinki Battle Masters Menu's questions

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:41 am
by Zenislez
2. It's not depends on the enemy using it or not. It just that if your opponent have it, sometimes after battle your shinki learn it automatically and available for you to use.

5. A shotgun is a shotgun. You know, the one where it fires a spread bullet of 3 or 5. Arnval laser cannon is different. And to be truthful, that laser canon only useful between range of 40-70. Not very effective at close range due to how slow to use it.

And continuing answer number 5, the beauty in this game is, you don't have to follow their default armor. Just like shinkis in real life, in the game, you can also mix and match which skill you want and how she will look. Of course, this will make her can't use her ultimate skill....but then again, Arnval Ultimate skill is on the weak side anyway.

It all depend on your skill, but you also must be aware, no matter how good you give your Arnval equipment, Ach can do it better in speed and attack department with the same equipment. But on the other hand, Arnval have better defence and will last longer in a fight and her speed actualy just a bit behind Ach...if you use the same equipment for both of them.

Re: Busou Shinki Battle Masters Menu's questions

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:43 pm
by Mad_Dog7
2. ah ok. that sounds good then i guess.

5. thanks for clarifying that up. and i know what a shot gun is, i was just asking since many games such as these has the close range projectile weapon be different for different characters. I just wanted to know if Arnval's laser canon was equivalent to the shot gun in terns of similarity. EX. one shinki would use an actual shot gun for close range, but another would have a laser canon for the equivalent weapon. I hope that makes since.

And ok so i can use Ach's equipment with Arnval and have them be relatively equal with just some minor differences. This sounds like an acceptable trade off. Though i am a fan of Arnval's standard Jet plane equipment. :thumbsup: Does Ach's equipment come in White too at least?

Re: Busou Shinki Battle Masters Menu's questions

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:53 pm
by Zenislez
Unfortunately, no. Ach is totally red and no option to recolor it.

I don't say Ach equipment is the best. Sure, they have decent defence and very high speed, but they don't have any aerial ability at all (can't dash in mid air, no double jump, no dodge/turning in air). Not to mention like I posted before, Arnval only have her long hair with her default headgear.

There is no perfect equipment, only those that catter to your need...and you do need to compromise some.

Re: Busou Shinki Battle Masters Menu's questions

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 8:10 pm
by Mad_Dog7
well crude, guess I'll have to go with Arnval's Jet equipment after all if i can't even fly/hover with Ach's equipment.

Re: Busou Shinki Battle Masters Menu's questions

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:47 pm
by Mad_Dog7
Ok new question.

How the heck do i arm my Shinki? I bought Arnval her armor and a couple of weapons but when i went to the game center in the store she was unarmed and i had to fight brawl style. luckily i won the fight but I want her completely armed the next time i fight.


when you're about to fight and you select a shinki > you'll have 3 options >1st, fight, 2nd Customize and 3rd to cancel > go to Customize > then you'll have a new menu and you'll see your Shinki. 1st on the menu is to customize, there'll be another menu, each part is a difference piece of equipment on that Shinki, however theres small icons next to them inidicating what part

Re: Busou Shinki Battle Masters Menu's questions

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:51 am
by Zenislez
Okay, to make it simple, you must have accustomed with customize screen right? (where you can see your shinki and her equipment). You can see 4 menus on the top right.

1st is customize.
Choosing her armor, weapon and accesories

2nd is assign RA.
Use the second screen to equip RA for battle. You can only assign 4 RA into battle. Up, Down, Left, Right.
How to use it - Once you assign an RA, you need to press square + triangle + arrow you assign it to.
Example. You use short sword RA at top, so you need to press up + square + triangle at the same time.

3rd load parts
Load a specific setup complete with RA from any 50 save slot

4th save parts
Save a specific setup complete with RA. You have 50 save slot

Using the 3rd and 4th menu, you can quickly and easily change between setup, gear, ra for specific battle/tournament.
For example: You already comfort using your gear, parts and RA, but some battle have restriction (melee only, range only) so you can just save your setup, change your gear, and after the battle, you just load your save file rather than making correction one by one.

Re: Busou Shinki Battle Masters Menu's questions

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:04 pm
by Mad_Dog7
thanks for clarifying that more. Zen. :thumbsup: