Question In Customization Menu & Class Purpose

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Question In Customization Menu & Class Purpose

Post by cyclenut » Thu Nov 04, 2010 12:58 am


I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but can someone tell me what the "darkened half figure smiley guy" option does in the customization menu? Whenever I click it, it seems my shinki does not like it.
It's the 3rd option underneath the "..." speech bubble (edit comment option).

Please let me know as I do not want it to mess with my affection.

A few questions regarding Classes:

I am aware of the requirements to reach each class, I am just a bit confused on what the purpose of these classes are?
To my understanding, the higher the class, the higher level players you face with the exception of the elite players who reach higher classes sooner.
Also you can carry more items if you are higher up in class?
Also, is it true that you eventually reach class EX even if you make to S rank? If so, what is the purpose of going through each class to reach EX when you can just go straight to EX? Is it just to gain achievements?

Not sure if these are common sense questions, my understanding isn't clicking right now.


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Re: Question In Customization Menu & Class Purpose

Post by Zero_Blazer » Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:40 am

The 3rd option in Customize is to change how she addresses you. There will be an event where she'll ask if you want to change how she addresses you. After that, you can change it freely.

For S rank, it's mainly for achievements and missions. There are missions that only certain ranks can do, and you get special items for hitting S Rank.

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Re: Question In Customization Menu & Class Purpose

Post by halconfenix » Thu Nov 04, 2010 11:48 am

the higher the rank, the more equipment you can add to your shinki, if your shinki cant meet the minimun requirements to move to a higher class, she move to EX class automatically... (being EX class, the "looser" class)

each class has some specific set of missions which, when accomplished can give rewards like more equipment, CSCs, etc...

the advantage of having a shinki on EX class is the fact that you can add as much equipment as like if your shinki were S class, but your shinki has to deal with other shinkis that are not exactly on the same range of levels (you can easily encounter a lvl 300 shinki and your shinki could be lvl 34 per example)

the idea is to make your shinki reach S class to be on par with the elite players and avoid EX as much as possible (unless you want to go item/achievement hunting, on which EX class is best)

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