Combat Heaven 1.20

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Combat Heaven 1.20

Post by Xary » Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:45 am

Hello peoples...

So since its been a while I was thinking about it I might as well let you guys know about this amazing little game right there ... frame&id=0

The game is pretty much a 2D action combat game that spans over 20 missions all of wich being not exactly "easy"

So here's the breakdown, the game is split in two phases

First is the planning phase

There you can save game progress, load a save file (pretty damn impressive for a FLASH game)

Purchase equipement

Equip your weapons and tune your armor(s)

and select missions to perform and basically switch to the combat phase

The second phase is the combat phase in wich you will fight a continuous onslaught of mobs or bosses

The game uses a standard WASD + Mouse to control the character, its simple enough to figure out wich does what

Your character wears an armor at all times wich features a jetpack, although not long lasting it is capable of giving you some speed and height should you need it by double tapping the directionnal keys, the most efficient way of moving around fast being short burst while in mid-air as you'll eventually start to build up momentum

Aside the jetpack your character also has access to weapon slots, a maximum of two, allowing to switch in and out weapons you've equipped and even equip duplicates should you want to

All your firearms are ammo limited but have unlimited clips meaning you will never run out of ammo but will need to wait in order for the weapon to reload itself, some armors are influencing this by either slowing or speeding up reloading or even allowing to reload off-hand weapons while you use something else

This game is FAST PACED, incredibly so in fact, to the extent it can get pretty darn confusing, and loosing health in this game is very much so stressing as there is no health pick ups at all, what you start a mission with is all you got

This game is also HARD...I mean it...some bosses have some ridiculous attacks and usually tend to be unrelenting in their assault

You guys should try it out, pretty lengthy stuff right there....It'll last you a while

Warning: the game is partly in japanese

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