The Wrong Number -one of Indonesia's FUNNY radio show- XD

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The Wrong Number -one of Indonesia's FUNNY radio show- XD

Post by Storm Wing » Wed May 12, 2010 10:08 am

This program is aired in 98.7 Gen FM in Jakarta (Indonesia), and, as it's title, known as Salah Sambung (The Wrong Number). They usually call some victim (usually "recommended" by his/her friend to this radio by e-mail), start talking about some problems/trouble including the victim, bashing it & blame it on the victim, and sometimes make the victim goes so angry & start cussing (lots of bleep-ing, trust me ^^; LOLs). Finally, the radio guys tells the victim "You're in The Wrong Number by Gen FM!! XD" :lol:

For example:
Gen FM: Hello, is this David??
David: Yes, it's me. Who's this??
Gen FM: Just call me Alex, from the National Anti Terrorist Security. We're suspecting someone in your neighborhood is an international fugitive.
David: Holy... Is it true??
Gen FM: Yes indeed, sir. I'm afraid you & your family must evacuate from there, ASAP. We'll send a troop of strike team & a tank with explosive ammos.
David: Wait, you want to DESTROY my house??!! WTF??!!
Gen FM: Consider it as collateral damages, sir. Remember this is for you & your country's sake.
David: O..Okay, i got it. But can you at least keep my house in one piece??
Gen FM: We'll try what we can do, sir. But we can't guarantee your house will be clean from bullet holes.
David: *&^%$#@!!
Gen FM: Okay, we'll send a strike team to your address is on Tanjung Priok now.
David: O-okay... Wait... Hey wait a sec! My house is NOT in Tanjung Priok! I'm living in Depok!!
Gen FM: Wait, wut?? Did you say Depok?? I'm sorry, is this David Ibrahim from Tanjung Priok??
David: No, dammit!! I'm David Gunarno from Depok!! Seriously, you got a wrong person here!
Gen FM: Oh... Oh my, it appears we dialed on a wrong number and YOU'RE IN THE WRONG NUMBER WITH GEN FM, DUDE!! XD
David: :eek: What the *bleep*... You *bleep* AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! XD Oh man... You OWND me, *bleep*!
Gen FM: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
David: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Now, is there any similar funny radio show like that in your town?? ;)
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