Of Laboratories and Memories Best Forgotten

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Of Laboratories and Memories Best Forgotten

Post by Xehn » Mon Apr 19, 2010 9:55 pm

Or, Eve's backstory, for all you BESM people. Wanted to share, dA is being a prick on this computer.

A fine layer of dust coated the abandoned lab. It was quiet… Even the sounds of rodents scurrying would occasionally fall silent, as if something had spooked them. Below the lab, in the chambers where test subjects were kept, something stirred. A pale, scrawny form lay curled up in the corner, bare save for a large iron collar around her neck.

Rousing from her slumber, the being known only as Eve, her true name long forgotten, clambered to her knees in the darkness. Eyes long-since-adjusted to the dismal conditions scanned the room; she retrieved the remains of her last meal, a large rat, and picked at the bones. There wasn’t a hint of flesh left. She discarded the bones with a dissatisfied grunt, and crawled off in search of a new meal.

As she slinked through the darkness, her eyes rested upon the remains of a scientist; she recognized those clothes…

“Subject ‘Eve’, final examination. Found in a remote forest on Anandriel… The subject appears to have no memories of what happened to her kind… Experiments seem to have damaged her mind, reducing her to a feral state…”

Eve shook her head, dispelling the memories, and moved on. Out of the holding area she’d made her home, now, Eve moved into a lower lab. She sniffed around for signs of prey, wandering toward a table. She clambered up onto it, for a better view, noticing a wall of disused equipment.

Screaming, flailing. She could recall when they’d taken samples, cutting out small slivers of flesh from the inside of her thigh for testing. They’d needed several scientists to hold her down.

Eve pulled her gaze away from the equipment with a soft noise of discomfort, and hopped down from the table. Her search for food brought her closer to the main lab; this time, a small alcove. There were signs of recent rat activity, here… as well as the smell of long-dried blood, likely from the attack that left the lab abandoned… The smell, though, it was a person she knew… One of the scientists…

She’d bitten him not long before they sent her below; he’d touched her in a way she hadn’t liked, but biting was the only response she’d thought to give… He’d responded unexpectedly, striking her with his crop-like pointer… the source of many of her scars. He’d been rather abusive toward her.

Whimpering, she pulled away from that area. She didn’t like those memories… She’d find somewhere else to hunt, though so far she hadn’t heard anything… Something was different today.
Slowly, Eve made her way into the next room. She hadn’t been this far away from her little nest before… but when she looked around, she knew she’d been here in the past. This room was full of cages. It was where she was kept before they moved her to a more secure area… On instinct, she was compelled to find the cage that had been hers.

Many things had changed quite suddenly. She remembered being almost well-treated, but then something happened, made the scientists upset, and they’d stopped caring so much about her…

She turned away from the cage and wandered further out. As she approached the entrance to this room, she thought she could hear voices… A man… a girl… She recognized neither voice. What was going on?
She froze, cautious; footsteps, now. They were getting closer. Closer. Eve began backing away; the door began to open. An older male stepped through, a lantern in his hand. The bright light burned her eyes, and she recoiled, covering them.

“…What in blazes- Easy there!”
She couldn’t see, but she could hear. The man bent down, reaching for her. She felt his hands on her, she lunged, clamping her jaws down on his forearm. She heard him cry out in pain, but he didn’t release her. “Easy there, girl. It’s alright. I’m not going to hurt you. Anita, bring a blanket!”

Eve carefully released his arm. She was confused. What was going on? Why was he picking her up? His arms were warm… As her eyes adjusted to the new light, she took in the man’s kind face. “Hello there, Bitey. I’m Nick.”

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