Drem and Crew's College Misadventures!

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Drem and Crew's College Misadventures!

Post by Dremare » Wed Oct 30, 2013 8:54 am

So if any of you guys know me from TFW2005, you'd know that I had made several different attempts to make a good photocomic.

Those would always fail.

However, I'm going to try starting over again, and making a new comic series called "Drem and Crew's College Misadventures!". It's going to be mostly one-shot comics, with a two-parter here and there, maybe. Characters that aren't in the comic will be referenced, as I don't have a lot of toys with me in college, mostly because I don't want to bring too many to my room.

Character Selection

Name: Drem
Toy: Robot Damashii Gundam Double X
Personality: Impulsive and sarcastic, but usually very friendly
Likes: Friends, family, and art-related hobbies
Dislikes: Remembering his mistakes
Info: The leader of the group (if only because no one wanted the responsibility), Drem has had a long, long, long history of making mistakes and immediately regretting them. So now that he's in college with the Owner, he's going to make the best of it, and look to the future. Though he did wish that the Owner had taken some more Gundams with him, since he's the only one around.

Name: Blade
Toy: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Blade
Personality: Thoughtful and polite, though sometimes aggravated by the antics of his friends
Likes: Card games, children, and friends
Dislikes: Headaches, being alone
Info: The first toy the Owner had really brought to college before the others, he had been alone for a long while until they arrived. So when the others came to the Room suddenly, he was enthralled by the new company, though he realized that this group of toys were a bit eccentric. While somewhat annoyed with the newcomers, he's happy that he has people to talk to now.

Name: Hayate Yagami
Toy: figma Magical Lyrical Girl Record Nanoha The Movie 2nd A's Hayate Yagami
Personality: Very friendly, kind, and cheerful, though she'll tease them occasionally
Likes: Recipes, cosplay, superheroes, and knights
Dislikes: Losing friends
Info: A cheery girl who enjoys the company of her friends, Hayate's the "youngest" of the toys in the Room. She's always concerned about her friends, though she might tease them sometimes. She looks up to the Ranger brothers and Blade, since they're superheroes. Hayate is also practicing her magic skills, though she's struggling a bit since she has no teacher.

Name: Alisa Ilinichina Amiella
Toy: D-Arts God Eater Burst Alisa Ilinichina Amiella
Personality: Somewhat rude, argumentative, and blunt, though she does care about her friends
Likes: Giant weapons, fashion, and art
Dislikes: Flirts, and dishonesty
Info: The Owner's first D-Arts figure, she acknowledges that he might have just bought her because of the way she looks, since the Owner has never played the game she comes from. Despite this, she enjoys being around the new friends she has, though she and Artille argue quite a bit. When she's not arguing with Artille, she seems to gravitate to Blade, for some reason, even though he doesn't talk much.

Name: Artille
Toy: Busou Shinki Artille
Personality: Flirty, caring, and cheerful most of the time, though also very argumentative and stubborn
Likes: Drem, flirting, guns, and pink
Dislikes: Dishonesty, cheaters, and open relationships
Info: A flirtatious toy, Artille enjoys being being with others. She mostly targets Drem, since she thinks its funny how flustered he gets when she flirts with him. She gets along with all the toys in the Room, though she and Alisa get into plenty of arguments, due to the fact they have very different opinions. Despite her flirting, she genuinely cares about her friends, even Alisa.

Name: Kiba Ranger
Toy: S.H.Figuarts Gosei Sentai Dairanger Kiba Ranger
Personality: Brash, open-minded, and somewhat childish, though he does mean well
Likes: Skateboards, martial arts, swords
Dislikes: Being bored
Info: The younger of the two Ranger brothers, Kiba is easily excitable, and looks up to his older brother, Dragon. He sometimes argues with his sword, Byakko, though the two do get along much better than Alisa and Artille do. Outside of Dragon and Byakko, Kiba gets along with Hayate, since the two are the youngest of the toys.

Name: Byakkoshinken
Toy: S.H.Figuarts Gosei Sentai Dairanger Kiba Ranger's Byakkoshinken
Personality: A bit of a snarker, though he does care about others
Likes: Martial arts, storytelling
Dislikes: Cruelty
Info: The talking sword of Kiba, Byakko is always at his side, if only because he has no limbs of his own. Perhaps that's why he's snarks constantly. However, he's easy to get along with, and has a good deal of respect for the other toys in the Room.

Name: Dragon Ranger
Toy: S.H.Figuarts Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Dragon Ranger
Personality: Thoughtful, silent, and somewhat disinterested in anything
Likes: Martial arts, his flute, thinking, music
Dislikes: Unnecessary noise
Info: The older brother of Kiba, Dragon is usually seen standing by himself, playing his flute. He's rather quiet and prefers to be alone, though he does talk to the others once in a while, mostly to his brother and Byakko. He doesn't like it when everyone's being loud, though, seeing it as unnecessary noise and being annoyed by it.

Name: Soniko
Toy: figma Super Soniko Tiger Hoodie Version
Personality: Friendly and kind, though easy to upset and rather shy
Likes: Music, her guitar, singing, and fruits
Dislikes: Upsetting others
Info: A kindhearted girl, Soniko loves music, and plays her guitar whenever she can. She's afraid of upsetting others, though, and constantly strives to become a better person. She admires Dragon for being a musician as well, and often tries to talk to him, though he doesn't reply back sometimes. Despite this, she gets along with everyone fine, even if she gets upset too easily.

Name: Rei Ayanami
Toy: figma Neon Genesis Evangelion Rei Ayanami Plug Suit Version
Personality: Surprisingly friendly, open, and very emotional
Likes: Music, movies, and chats
Dislikes: Complete silence
Info: Unlike the canon version, this Rei is a friendly, open, and very emotional person that is not comfortable in complete silence. She's not afraid to cry, laugh, or become furious in public, and is willing to help others when they need it. She gets along with others rather easily, and can be seen talking to either Soniko or Hayate.

  1. Since I'll be busy with college work, D&CCM won't have a schedule. I'll be doing updates whenever I feel like it.
  2. The reason why I made my Rei the complete opposite of the canon version is because I've gotten so TIRED of the cold, icy, blue-haired red-eyed female character that was derived from her (ex., Yuki Nagato from Haruhi, Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats!, even Raven from the animated Teen Titans show counts). It's overused, so guess what? I'll go the opposite. Plus, the toys aren't necessarily the characters they're suppose to be.

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