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Windows into my world

Post by Zress Tayasu » Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:04 am

well people keep telling me I should do a comic, but the only camera I have is utter crap so that's out. but writing down various stuff shouldn't be a bad start, should it? and if this should be in CC, someone shunt it over there, yeah?

I have all this stuff going on, and it doesn't really gel with shinkis and transformers as toys, or just flowing with the impression thereof, so I turned around and played out my own little universe with them as genders of the same mechanical race, created differently to one another partly on a lark of their creator, and partly to excuse trends of my collection while keeping everyone together and being able to create a "rich" environment with political issues all it's own, and room for stuff to happen as it comes to mind. don't worry, I don't have to get into anything "squicky" here though. reproduction for cybertronians in my world requires factories. and either half of the race has their own.

I'm going to come back to this post and work on it more and more as time goes on; right now I'm working with limited access from a library, so there's a limit to how much I can go on with at a time.

the first big thing, which I'll give a look into tomorrow, is the creation stuff as for cybertronians. it's mostly on line with what TF fiction has nailed down for versions of GEEWUN, mostly because of the fact it's right there. :B I'm hijacking the ancient concepts of GEEWUN to start with and then going for left field.
~~~~~~~end for today 8/17/10~~~~~~~
Alright. as for creation stuff... let's see. start off with the whole "universe -> primus/unicron -> original 13 TFs -> fallen -> fight unicron" thing... and then we get hijacked.

After a time, Primus' remaining twelve children, having learned of the concept of "companionship", and seeing in eachother the bond of "brothers in arms", as they'd learned of it, speak to their creator of their search for the former. And so, primus decides to make another twelve, having concluded that a baker's dozen would just be trouble again. from his experiences wandering the universe, he had seen humanoid races, and wondered to himself, "is this form of aesthetic life within my ability?" and thus, he tried his hand, and the first of what would be known as "shinki", later on, were created.

now, as time would pass, and primus' children being as people tend to be, they would tire of seeing the same faces, and asked of their maker to create additional kin, and the second generation was thus made.
As would be expectable, when times came that a third generation would be requested, primus chose to teach his children the arts by which their bodies were given life, tapping primus' connection to the universe itself. and so, the first Factories were built upon his resting form, "cybertron".
okay, so there's that.

at that time, there had not yet been the defined ideas of aesthetic and equipment philosophy, or, for that matter, any MMS equipment. these come later, infact around the time those whom would come to be called "transformers" began their great war.

in the times prior to this, "shinki" had typically chosen scientific roles, with the occasional laborer as was scattered among the "transformers", whom had slowly been forming into a defensive warrior role, as the legacy of the war with unicron.

Amid this time, some "shinki" would feel a desire to explore beyond the edges of Cybertron, and they began to use the "seed of possibility" primus gave all his children to expand their abilities. The subspace storage system they had developed and given to their "brothers" was then expanded upon, and it's more refined form that combined the storage with what was to be stored, was created.
That system, which began the real start of the great Houses, was called the Mirage Module System. With this, the first "shinki" of the "explorer" caste arose; those whom had their power systems reinforced to meet the needs of space travel without vessels, an ability more in line with what the males had taken up long prior to fight unicron and the fallen.

eventually, a more militant aristocracy would form among them, and they referred to their class as Destron. for a long time this went fine. however, a time came when the Destrons would be lead by those whom felt that the strength of cybertronians was something they should use to guide other races. this began a great schism among the males, and war would erupt. eventually, a knight of the Destrons would conclude his views did not coincide with his superiors', and that knight, Vector Prime, defected. his doing so lead the other transformers to a number of victories, and when the chief group of them involved in battle chose to call their organization "Autobots", they honored Vector Prime, whom had no desire to lead anyone, by basing their sigil upon him.

The war would rage for a long time. Primus slumbered amid this, however; he waited for the return of his nemesis. Cybertron was brought to ruin, and when some of the farthest travelled "shinki" witnessed the state of their beloved home, upon their return, they were appaulled. It was at this point the great Houses truely came to the fore, as returning explorers reselected their MMS equipment for war, being those first to have the energy capacities to handle strong weapons. While there was no one concensus between "shinki" as a whole, sides were taken, and battle lines drawn.

hooking back into TF continuity, things progress(albeit with "shinki" involved) to the point whereupon Optimus Prime attempts to flee to regroup, and Megatron chases after, spilling the war over to earth; but "shinki" do not follow immediately. they don't arrive untill around the time the two warring groups awaken.

At this time, the males have awakened in the united states, and the people there, in a tendancy to call things as they see them, call them as per their defining ability, and they come to be called Transformers.

The first groups of the females to arrive, however, land in japan. the people there are more prone to waxing poetic in labelling what they see, when the ship's gate opens. they call these huge feminine arrivals "Busou Shinki", or "Armed God-Princesses".

having never thought of such things before, both accept the names given, even as they associate and prove relation, and the names stick.

At that time, upon Earth, the Cybertronians, though born of Primus, accept naming born of Earth, and come to be called Transformers and Busou Shinki.
OKAAAAAAY. that's a fair chunk, isn't it? call it lame, or contrived, or whatever, but that's how it stands in my universe, barring minor tweaks.
Any TF that identifies as female is under this world infact a shinki whose original body was damaged beyond repair, and their brain-core and CSC were moved into a "Transtector" shell to be stabilized, but never sought to return to their original form.

I should also drop in that for this world "CSC" stands for "Core Spirit Cradle", while the things konami sells as charging cradles would be called "ESC", or "Extension Spirit Cradle", which allow a shinki's spirit to retreat from the body for respite during serious repairs.
now that I've made this into a Wall o' Text, and it's only going to get longer, I'll stop for today. next up I think I'll be talking about the Houses and all that, inasmuch as I've hammered down.
~~~~~~~end for today 8/18/10~~~~~~~

Alright. toss out some of this whole "Houses" thing. official shinki fiction has them made by various companies. the Houses are basically that... although without the whole corporate thing or however that should be said.

so shinki formed groups of production based on aesthetic ideas, equipment philosophy, and political views. factional stuff that's understandable, although it's not really much more clear cut who's going to behave how based on that, most of the time.
anyway, some of that:

House Frontline sets as perhaps the oldest House that hasn't fallen apart for one reason or another. they are strong, prolific, and the motives of their matriarchs are the most hazy. FL shinki have been seen on both sides of the conflicts on cybertron and beyond, and it's not easy to judge what to think of those closest to the matriarchs. FL also maintains it's own private army in addition to anyone they have among other groups; the Divine Wing. this spec-ops unit's members are rarely seen beyond performing whatever roles they have been instructed to perform, and sometimes they will be seen backstabbing some group they had recently helped, all on the nigh-unfathomable intents of the matriarchs. there are a number of truths about the Divine Wing that would prove worrisome, and most of them would be damning to the matriarchs of FL.

House Ohmestrada, on the other hand, is rather straightforward. they strongly ally with the autobots, and have even secured a representative on the autobot high council. they are rather free about sharing tech with the TFs and have been known to accept honorary house members from the autobots. They generally maintain a presence in a number of autobot strongholds, and at least one of their shinki has earned a command position at one of these.

House Magic Market found it's point to thrive when shinki got to earth. favoring an aesthetic popular there, they happily share what they can techologically with other houses, TFs, and even other races. MM generally favors trade and cooperation, although even they keep some secrets; most of which tend to involve complex designs that need their users to be heavily modified to use them. they also favor both MMS Minion technologies, which they spearheaded the development of, and the MMS Interlink systems spearheaded by the largely inactive House UnionSteel.

these three are big players in events. that is not to say others aren't of interest, even if they're not a part of my main narratives. an excellent case in point would be...

House Kemotech, which has long since relocated it's entire production base from cybertron to the jungle world Animatros. the shinki of Kemotech, much like the TFs whom live on that planet, have slowly been becoming something... else. a degree of feral instinct exists in them, and their equipment has fast been becoming incompatible with other shinki, as they are to the MMS equipment of others. the degree to which they show the bestial traits they adhere to tends to vary.
it is theorized that one day the concept of the MMS will be lost to them as they become a biological race split from their origins.

and this is to say nothing of various smaller houses. I'm not likely to make a big fuss with the politics of most of them, with the aforementioned big three being the ones with a major hold. FL in particular has left ripples, as the mention of their private army suggests.
I'm going to have to toss a coin to figure out what I'm going to prattle on about next.

~~~~~~~end for today 8/19/10~~~~~~~
Decidedly, I'll end the week with a moment of "bringing up to speed" on major stuff. some of it will get gone over in depth, some won't, but it might help to know where a number of things stand.

the cybertronian great war that was GEEWUN is over. At it's height, Optimus Prime killed Megatron in battle.(megs didn't stay as galvatron after the matrix smacked out unicron in this world, but prime still came back and rodimus still handed leadership back. he became a field commander and left the hard stuff to the one best suited to it)

With that, the Destrons split into smaller factions practically overnight. even as the autobots and their shinki allies celebrated the end of the war, following the surrender raised by a number of megatron's lieutenants, the long-sought peace was clear to be tentative. the Destrons fragmented as the space pirates led by Cannonball made their move to begin acting without fear of megatron's murderous response, and Starscream announced his intention to strike aside and form his own seperatist nation, knowing that the destrons couldn't rejoin an autobot dominated society due to the animosity of a multi-millenial war, and those who remained most loyal to megatron's intentions continued their attacks, even against former allies.

Amid this, Unicron, partly recovered from his defeat, began manipulating the loyalists with his own minions, which seemingly comes to a head when, possibly without unicron's influence, megatron somehow revives, and takes over the helm of his loyalists after a century in the grave, and now with the intent simply to destroy everything Optimus Prime had achieved. Unicron's got his claws in megatron by way of Noisemaze, whom even with serving unicron maintains his own goal, the death of soundwave. megatron's paranoid insanity as a zombie has allowed for his most loyal and trusted advisor to be marked as an enemy, leading to a forced changing of sides, as soundwave isn't trusted by starscream, and thus is left hiding among autobots who don't particularly trust him either, but have been talked into not killing him on sight.

in the meanwhile, the autobot council sought to elevate Optimus Prime's status as a hero, and gave him the title of "Convoy", which he since took as his name, trying to distance himself from things he had to do in the war. this started a trend that those who achieve rank as a commander discard their original name and take something suffixed with "Convoy", in his honor.

as tensions rise, with autobots distrustful of all who bear the destron sigil, and skirmishes erupting throughout many territories, Unicron and Primus again come to the fore with their involvements. both seeking to reduce the energy they must use in acting, sacrifice divinity and become quasi-mortal titans, considerably reduced in size and power. Primus generates a copy of his sleeping form to replace him as Cybertron, then transfers the entire population to it, before this change, however.

the stage of the universe is set, as cybertronians continue their struggle of existance, overcoming their own failings, or embracing them.

alright. hopefully that wasn't too mixed up and rambly. I'll pick up other events to recount at various points.

~~~~~~~end for today 8/20/10~~~~~~~
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Re: Windows into my world

Post by Dremare » Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:13 pm

Hm, interesting. I can't wait to see it. : D

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Re: Windows into my world

Post by Signal Lancer » Sat Aug 28, 2010 1:48 am

I keep missing you on cbox. (Hope things work out soon...) Nothing specific to comment, but I'm glad to see something put down that won't vanish in a couple hours.

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